Friendly Skies

Like Nothing Ever Happened (flight MH17)

I have many friends from all over the world that I connect with on Facebook and Twitter.
For most of them the disaster that happened yesterday with flight MH17 is a far-flung event.
I completely understand that and I can’t blame them.
They simply went on with their lives.
Like nothing ever happened.

They continue to talk about anything and everything.
And a lot about cats.
While here in Amsterdam, about 15 minutes away from the airport,
I hear and see the airplanes flying our friendly skies.
Like nothing ever happened.

My thoughts and prayers are with everybody that boarded that plane yesterday and started their journey, unknowingly.
And with everybody that will be boarding a plane today to start their journey.
Maybe even with the same type of airplane, the same airline, or even the same flight number.
Like nothing ever happened.

In days, weeks, months, years, yesterday’s tragedy will be far-flung for the rest of us too.
We’ll be annoyed over a referee’s bad decision, about the weather, the traffic, and trains that don’t run according to schedule.
Like nothing every happened.

I wish you strength, courage and wisdom.
To deal with this sadness. To deal with your fears. And to deal with the unknown.
And with going on with your life…
Like nothing ever happened.



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